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Last Updated: 11 February 2018

Mutford Village Hall is currently our home for club meetings and events. It is set in the beautiful village of Mutford near Lowestoft in Suffolk. We meet twice a month, one for professional demonstrations the other for training and improvers nights and our Christmas Social evening.

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Andy Coates says…

Get a “Witness”

If you need to repeat things

Long term friend Andy Coates visited our club in February, treating us to two demonstrations.

The first was how to duplicate a turned piece such as a chair spindle using a “Witness Stick”. It is basically a length of ply with dimensions and cutouts marked on it which have been taken from the original. The benefit of using this method is that multiple pieces can be turned to exactly the same design. A must for production turning or just creating four table legs the same.

The second session was a little more lighthearted where Andy went through the creation of a spinning  top and launcher. Something he had been drawn into producing several of since an original request for one. Not pro turning but a great item for the kids and young at heart.

Fully article in the February 2018 Newsletter on our Information Vault page.