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The club was formed in the mid 1980s by a group of like minded enthusiasts. They initially met in garages and workshops and were called North Suffolk Woodturners. After splitting into two groups, one moved south and the remainder stayed in this area. Their numbers started to grow and by 1992 they had 14 members, some of whom are still active today.

After a woodturning holiday in Norway in 1994 their numbers grew rapidly and alternative venues were sort in the area, including several 'pubs', before finally moving to Mutford Village Hall in the late 1990s.

It was during this period that the club was renamed as The Waveney & District Woodturners and became affiliated to the AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain). The aims and objectives also changed with the various innovations in both lathe design and turning techniques. What was once a treadle device run by physical input (a man known as a bodger) sited near the raw materials and used for turning legs for three legged stools has now become a machine driven by electricity and capable of varying speeds, indexing rings and accuracy to an incredibly high standard.

The current objectives of our club are to promote this ancient vocation but in a modern and safe environment. Thanks to a lottery fund grant in 2015 we were able to purchase two smaller lathes, install video/projection equipment to enhance our monthly demonstration evenings and run training courses to encourage new members to take up a hobby and to preserve what had earlier been a dying art.

The club now has approximately 50 members, is financially sound and at present has vacancies for a limited number of new members. We have monthly demonstrations by professional turners on club nights and training sessions every month for new and intermediate turners wishing to improve their skills.

Whether you are an experienced turner or someone looking for a new and interesting hobby you are welcome to attend free of charge for the first two meetings so why not give it a go. See you there!


We have a large membership of over 40 woodturners of all ages.

To join simply complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

If someone isn’t sure about joining they can attend two club evenings free of charge to get a feel for what goes on and make an informed decision. On joining there is a small annual subscription as well as a club night fee to cover costs such as professional demonstrators and our Christmas Bash. You will also be able to join the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain with all the benefits that it entails.


We have always provided some form of training for new members but in 2016 we were able to get Lottery Funding towards new equipment through the hard work of the committee.

This has enabled us to purchase two new lathes, tools and safety equipment. We now run end of month formalised training for new members and improvers, covering Health and Safety, equipment, tool use and techniques leading to the production of woodturning projects. We provide some videos to help illustrate several areas of training. We also have a library of books, magazines and videos for the use of members.

Waveney and District Woodturners Club have complied with the 2018 Data Protection Act and formed their own policy here.

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February 14th - Andy Coates

March 14th - Tom Kittle

April 11th - Tic Challis

May 16th - Colin Smith

June 13th - Ed Oliver

July 11th - Mick Hanbury

August 8th - Paul Howard

September 12th Terry Smart

October 10th Paul Howard

November 14th - Darren Breeze

Club Training Nights 2019  -  6.30 for 7.00 start

January 28th, February 25th, March 25th, April 29th   -  Summer Recess  -  September 23rd  October 28th and November 25th

The aim of these nights is to introduce prospective newcomers and new members to woodturning, associated health and safety and basic tools and equipment. We also help existing members to improve their current skill levels.

February 13th - Andy Coates

March 12th - Tom Kittle

April 9th - Tic Challis

May 14th - Colin Smith

June 11th - Paul Howard

July 9th - Shaun Clifford

August 13th - Brian Partridge

September 10th Guy Ravine

October 8th Willy Rackham

November 12th - Darren Breeze

Club Training Nights 2020  -  6.30 for 7.00 start

January 27th, February 24th, March 30th, April 27th   -  Summer Recess  -  September 28rd  October 26th and November 30th

The aim of these nights is to introduce prospective newcomers and new members to woodturning, associated health and safety and basic tools and equipment. We also help existing members to improve their current skill levels.