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Last Updated: 18 November 2018

Looking through the Wood-Database website makes both interesting and worrying reading about exotic woods from around the world and where they sit on the endangered species list:- CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species; IUCN (international Union for Conservation of Nature.

Ebony appears on these lists and is currently a firm favourite of woodturners for producing intricate finials. However, do we need to keep chopping down these rapidly disappearing species just for finials, guitar parts and furniture inlays?

An article on the Wood-Database website called Ebony: Dark Outlook For Dark Woods? by Eric Meier discusses the subject.

Do we have to use Ebony?

He talks about the world’s high demand for the wood because of its colour and quality, quoting Bob Taylor (guitar maker) who highlights how country after country has had its Ebony forests stripped over recent centuries for sale abroad.

Eric questions why should we care and outlines the issues raised by its continual use and what the currently endangered woods are: Ceylon Ebony, Gaboon Ebony, Mun Ebony Macassar Ebony, Wenge, Peruvial Walnut. African Blackwood.

After discussing what alternatives could be used he lists the following: Katalox, Black Palm, Ipe, Purpleheart, Black Walnut, Texas Ebony, Bog Oak and any other abnormally dark woods. Should we turners do the same?

Article on this website: www.wood-database.com

Darren Breeze’s rise in the world of woodturning took another leap forward earlier this year when his dream to open his own shop was realised.

Art & Craft in Wood will be his window to the world where he can create and sell his wares as well as demonstrate and train those interested in learning woodturning.

He will also be exclusively displaying work by his good friend Tom White.

It has been a labour of love gratefully shared with the help of friends and family.

The opening created a great deal of interest and subsequently featured in several local publications. The deputy mayor even attended the successful opening evening along with a host of invited guests, friends and well wishers.

The shop is at: 117 High Street, Lowestoft, Suffolk

To find out more about Darren visit his website: www.breezewoodturning.com.

Art and Craft in Wood Hits the High Street

Horns of Odin Table

Verdigris lidded box

Bowl of Flames

Mixed Leaf Drift

by Tom White

Waveney Woodturners Club


Mutford Village Hall

50th Anniversary Weekend

July 7-8th July 2018

The club was invited to join in the Mutford Village Hall’s 50th Birthday celebrations, which was centred around their annual Scarecrow Hunt, and along with other groups that use the facility.

We were pleased to do so and very fortunate to have a large display of members’ work on the stage and a demonstration area outside.

Committee members set up a gazebo with the clubs lathe underneath and, after taking appropriate safety precautions, were able to demonstrate basic woodturning. There was a lot of interest that seems to have led to several new potential members. Time will tell though.

According to the Mutford Hall Committee the weekend was a record success and expressed their thanks to our club for helping make it so.

Thanks must be given to the club committee members who attended and assisted over the weekend: Unfortunately, despite notifying club members about the weekend event, the support from other members was very poor.

Webmaster Len Stout poses in front of a display of club members work.

Committee members Chris Petch (left) and David Ritchie (right) get stuck into their respective woodturning demonstrations in the glorious sunshine.

Some of the other exhibitors at the Mutford Village 50th Anniversary weekend.